Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Check out the WR numbers...

If there is a more fun position group to follow right now in the area, it's the WR core. According to Maxpreps, here are the top five WR in yards receiving in the IE...

1. Antoine Arnold (Junior, Chapparal) 19 rec, 392 yards
2. Vanzell Richardson (Senior, San Bernardino) 15 rec 377 yards
3. Sean Alston (Senior, Los Osos) 25 rec, 374 yards
4. Austin Hill (Senior, Corona Roosevelt), 10 rec. 343 yards
5. Chance Gunyard (Senior, Claremont) 13 rec, 295 yards

Here are my thoughts: Arnold is a stud. Richardson will be watched very closely by us. Alston is the ultimate sleeper. You all know how we feel about Hill and Gunyard is having a nice senior year.

This is a very strong group that will only get better as the season goes along.