Friday, August 28, 2009

Special Teams Prospects...

Yes, colleges are looking for Special Team prospects with a lot of more urgency. So it is in that vain that we have 2010 and 2011 top special team prospects.

Class of 2010

1. Alejandro Maldonado (K, 5-10, 180, Colton) -- A Washington commit. He can definitely strike successfully for the 40 yard with consistency. Rates high.

2. Trevor Romaine (K, 6-0, 180, Centennial) -- Surprised that he doesn't have an offer. Definitely a top-combo guy (can kick and punt) and definitely comes from a top notch program. Looks good.

3. Rob Horrell (Long Snapper, 5-11, 210 Rancho Cucamonga) -- Long Snapping guru Chris Rubio has mentioned that this is his best prospect that he has worked with in a long time. Fires it back to the punter in .7 seconds consistently. Solid as a rock!

4. Rory Perez (P, 6-2, 170, Canyon Springs) -- Rates very high with Chris Sailer. He is another top combo guy and Sailer feels that he hits a D-1a ball. Senior film becomes a really priority with this prospect.

5. Nick Fernandez (K, 5-8, 160, Chapparal) -- Rates a bit lower of the top 2 on our board. Sailer likes his upside and feels that he is getting better.


1. Jake Van Kinkel (K, Upland) -- Reportedly sports an offer from San Diego St. We have a bit of a question on his consistency. But he strikes it very well.

2. Jacob Osborne (K. Ayala) -- Coach raves about him and he had a nice combine in the spring with Chris Sailer. Watching tape in 2009 to see if he can move up on the board.

3. Andres Magallon (K, Los Osos) -- Begins his second season as the starting kicker for LO. Has an upside and needs to be followed.

4. Alex Trujillo (Long Snapper, Centennial) -- Good looking kid fires it back with speed and consistency. Getting more solid in our eyes.

5. Luther Roger (Long Snapper, J.W. North) -- Is improving from the spring. Needs to be more consistent to really catch the eye. Prospect.