Sunday, January 24, 2010

IE Recruiting in the Pac-10 for Class of 2010...

People always ask me how a college recruits and how many offers they throw out there when you are in the zenith of the recruiting season in the spring. Well, I put together a chart how many players were offered by the school nationally, in the state of California and in the Inland Empire/San Gabriel Valley. What you might see will astound you.

The players in bold are the committed players while the italized players are the un-committed players.

So what does this show? That not all schools are on the same players... and that some schools are real choosy with their offers and some are not.

For instance, it interesting to note that the Oregon schools were the only one's not to offer Shirley (along with Cal). It's also interesting to note that Oregon State was the only Pac-10 school not to offer Don Lugo DE George Uko.

As for the leader in throwing out offers... Stanford leads the way with 228. But, its really interesting to note that Washington lead all Pac-10 schools with the number of offers to kids in the state of California with 79. And Arizona led all Pac-10 schools by offers 12 players in the Inland Empire.

Usually, if a schools gets two players from an area, it's considered a good job.

Well look at USC. They led the conference with fewest offers thrown out throughout the country with 69, second fewest offers in California with 28 (Stanford only had 27) but the hit rate in the IE is remarkable in 2010. They offered six players in the IE, got four commitments and are in line to get a fifth with Shirley. The power of SC really hits home when you look at a chart like this.

Also, interesting to note Oregon State has the view recruiting in the IE as a bit of a disappointment. It can be argued that they got the kicker from Centennial in Romiane and a undervalued DB in Donnell Welch from Palm Desert. But the three other players that they offered, they lost in heated recruiting battles to Washington, Oregon and Arizona State.

California and Stanford also have to view recruiting in the area as a bit of a disappointment too.

And - as you would expect - Washington State cuts from a different cloth in recruiting. The only player that they offered that was a multiple Pac-10 offer kid was Derrick Malone of Colton. Everyone else were players that we're not offered at all or were offered by Mountain West Conference or WAC schools.

On Tuesday, we'll look at the Mountain West Conference.

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