Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2010 Prospects....

Happy New Year to one and all.

As we begin the last month of recruiting for the class of 2010, colleges are moving into position to trip players, offer players and get their verbal commitments. Since we also include the San Gabriel Valley, here are the best position players on our board that have caught the eye of asst. coaches during the month of December.


Angel Santiago (Etiwanda, 5-11, 165, 4.83) -- Basically, the schools that run the triple option are in love with the kid He has a trip to the Army in the first week in January and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is planning to trip the kid out in mid January (if his test scores pan out). Just love the way this kid performs. He is a tough kid that could play defense if the occasion calls for it. He was the voted the Baseline League’s Most Valuable player and its for all the right reasons.

Blake Loncar (Los Osos, 6-4, 207, 5.12HT) -- In this business of recruiting, if you have good senior tape, that’s just not going to be good enough for a lot of D-1 coaches. And that was the case with this guy. You could tell in watching the official game tape of the CIF championship game that Upland wanted to make this guy beat them with their feet. Has the size and arm strength to being a real good D-1 QB. Most likely, this kid will be playing JC football somewhere and if he gets into the right team, he’ll produce.

Ryan Orozco (Ayala, 6-4, 200, 5.10e) -- Initially, this kid didn’t make my top 100 list for most of the season because he had no junior tape after transferring from Orange Lutheran to Ayala. Has a bit of a long release, but delivers a good ball and - most importantly - can take snaps under center. He is a getting a bit of late evaluations from the D-1AA schools, and has a preferred walk-on offer from USC. Another that I can see have a very productive JC career if that is the road he prefers to go down.

Running Back

Adam Muema (Charter Oak, 5-9, 180, 4.62HT) -- And make no mistake about it, we have two verified heights and weights for this kid so if you read that he is 6-0...he’s not that. A physical downhill, between the tackles runner, should fit well in a pro-style offense that utilizes a two-back one tight end formations. He is not a speed burner! Lost his offers to Nevada Reno and Colorado State. Look for him to become a San Diego State Aztec pretty soon.

David Dash (A.B. Miller, 5-8, 159, 4.62) -- If there is a player that can pick up the eyes of college asst, coaches during practice week of the Inland Empire All-Star game this week, this could be one of the guys. A true home run hitting RB with legit speed. College coaches are a bit worried about his size, but he reportedly has an offer from Iowa St. He should be very interesting to watch this week.

Sedale Foster (J.W. North, 5-6 ½, 170, 4.50HT ) -- We were surprised to see that he was not selected for the All-Star game. However, it I can see where the selection committee to his teammate Schexayder over him. It’s such a shame that his kid is only 5-6 ½, because if he is 5-10, he’s offered. We are dealing with a home run hitter that can take the ball into the end zone at a moments notice. One of our top guys on our board that doesn’t have an offer or a trip set up. His senior tape was more than adequate and all anyone has to see was his game against Los Osos to be sold. JC’s should be jumping all over this kid in a hurry!…

Derrick Hawkins (Corona Santiago, 5-10, 198, 4.8e) -- One thing that we have found out in evaluating HS running backs, if they are wrestlers that means that they are good between the tackles runners. And that is what this kid is. Has a fair burst once he clears the first level, but he reminds me a lot of Muema. He is in wrestling right now (once again shining at 189 lbs.), just missed out on making the all-star team. Another that could do very well at the JC…if that is what he prefers.

Wide Receivers

Ify Umodu (South Hills, 6-2, 198, 4.98) -- A high ankle sprain prevented him from playing in the last two games of the season and it really hurt the Huskies. This is a pure outside receiver that is as athletic as they come. And there is no player that has seen his recruiting go off the charts more than this guy. When the month of December started, he had no trips or offers. As we begin the new year, he has trips set up to San Jose St, Portland St., and Villanova. Comes from a very athletic family that has two older brothers playing D-1 ball (Tobi - UCLA, Kebin, Air Force Academy)

Necho Beard (Rancho Verde, 6-0, 186, 4.56) -- This guy is all about speed and then some. He was part of the state qualifying relay team this past spring. He is an inside guy that can beat most outside linebackers because of his speed and athletism. Comes from a top-notch program and has a trip to New Mexico set up in mid January. Lots to like here.

Marcels Peoples (Corona Santiago, 5-8, 163, 4.70) -- Another that is a speed player that can stretch the field for more offenses. One thing that was really obvious when watch Santiago’s official game tape, this kid was making plays all over the place. He will be tripping to Northern Colorado in January and if he goes there, this would be a steal for him. Really like him a lot!

Chris Simpson (Corona Centennial, 6-2, 193, 4.7e) -- For the life of me, I can’t believe that this kid doesn’t have any offers. On tape, he is an outside receiver that reminds me a lot of Umodu. No the fastest cat out there, but he can play. Academics could be an issue here and some asst. coaches have expressed concerns about the way he practices. But, this is a nice player. Another I would have loved to have seen at the All-Star game.

Offensive Lineman

David Peterson (Redlands East Valley, 6-4, 255, 5.28) -- For all the attention that teammate Tyler Shreve has received this year, this guy can’t be too far behind. He has all the attributes you need to being a great college center. Size, physicality and he can snap the ball out of the gun very well. His senior tape was absolutely awesome. He has offers from New Mexico State, Nevada Reno, San Diego State and will be taking a trip to San Jose State in mid January. Looking forward to watching him practice this week.

Lamar Bratton (J.W. North, 6-1 ½, 268, 5.22) -- Has seen recruiting take off in the fall. He came into the season as our top non-offer prospect in the Inland Empire. Some coaches were turned off by his size, but he makes up for it was great technique and good physical play. He was the one player that gave Kaiser‘s Josh Shirley a total fit this season. Some seem him as a offensive guy, some as a defensive guy. I think he would make a great center at the next level. Reportedly has offers from Reno and UNLV. Looking forward to seeing him in action at the All-Star game,

Corin Brooks (Arlington, 6-3, 276, 5.12) -- We had a chance to work with this kid at the USC rising stars camp and was very impressed with the way this kid worked out. Competed well and ended up being the talk of the camp when all was said and done. Has solid tape and his academics, from what I have been told, are just fine. Disappointed to see that he was not playing in the all-star game this week. Very surprised to see he has no offers.

Patrick Kim (Ayala, 6-5, 265, 5.5e) -- This was a kid that we were a bit surprised to see that got an offer from UTEP early in the spring. We thought his tape was good, but it wasn’t all that good. And his senior tape early in the year was OK but not great. But his late season tape showed a lot and he has now emerged as a January prospect. Has a trip set up to San Jose State in January. On solid ground with us.

Nick Martin (Los Osos, 6-4e, 270e, 5.4e) -- Here is another lineman that had solid late game tape and will be a steal for a D-1 school. The first that you notice right away is that is technique is a lot better than it was his junior tape. Projects to being a guard at the next level, he is one that should be watched very closely during practice week for the all-star game. Reportedly has an offer from UNLV and will be tripping to San Jose St. in January.

Defensive Lineman

Eric Gorski (Corona Santiago, 6-3e. 260e, 5.3e) -- Didn’t think he was much of an offensive lineman and a change to the defensive line has made a nice difference in his recruiting. He has more than solid senior tape and is protected to being a 3-tech defensive tackle at the next level. Interesting prospect.


Ofa Fafita (Arroyo Valley, 5-10 ½, 207, 4.8e) -- Of all the players that are on the San Bernardino roster, this is the one player that we are looking forward to seeing practice this week. This kid is a stud. A boundary to boundary player, just love his effort and his hustle. He has offers from Hawaii, San Diego State and UNLV. I would not be surprised to see this guy see his recruiting take off this week. A stud!

Brandon Brown (Corona Centennial, 6-2, 235, 4.86) -- This was a kid that had all kinds of talk. And when we first saw him as a junior at the Nike Camp, he really passed the eyeball test quickly. But, then came the junior film, which was good but not great. And his senior film was good but not great. Was not selected for the all-star game. Has an offer from Idaho and SMU. Would love to him seen him once more.

Keith Smith (Charter Oak, 6-1, 216, 4.9e) -- This is a pure inside linebacker at the next level. He was selected as the CIF-SS Southeast Division Defensive Player of the Year, and a true pleasure to watch this season. He is a very physical player that plays football smart. It just seemed that where the ball was is where Keith Smith was. Sports offers from Reno and Air Force and tripped to Colorado (but didn’t get an offer when he left). Interesting to see where he lands in February.

Edward Todd (Colony ,5-11, 228, 5.00) -- Was voted to the league defensive MVP and I just love the way he plays the game. He plays fast and physical. When you watch Colony on game tape, this is the kid that just jumps out on film right away. Reportedly has academic issues, so that is why he has no offers. But, he is on a lot of boards and if he can straighten away his grades, he’ll get out.

Paul Seen (Norco, 6-0e, 220e, 4.9e) -- This is a kid that has been getting a lot of looks by colleges when the month of December is over, OLB that moves very well in space. Good physicality at the point of attack. Another that I would not be surprised to see his recruiting take off in January. Another that I was surprised was not selected for the all-star game.


Darian Johnson (Bishop Amat, 5-8 ½, 175, 4.80e) -- Of all the players in the San Gabriel Valley that are being looked at, I am so happy that this kid’s recruiting as taken off. All one has to look at is the game against St. Bonaventure to see this kid deserves to being offered. Has offers from Northern Arizona, New Mexico and has a trip set up to New Mexico State. He can cover and tackle. Those are tough players to find. Plays bigger than his size

Earnest Sayles (Corona Santiago, 6-2, 190, 4.8e) -- Plays very fast for his position. Love his senior tape and coaches are loving the tape as well. Has offers from UC Davis, Corona Santiago and UTEP. I could see him doing really well at the Air Force Academy.

John Hardy (Vista Murrieta, 6-0e, 160e, 4.75e) -- And while we are really interested to see Fafita play on Saturday night for the San Bernardino area all-star team, we are super interested in seeing this kid play for the Riverside area team. Long-narrow bodied kid with long arms. He is more of a zone corner, but his worth comes in special team. He is the best special teams player in the Inland Empire. Has an offer from Hawaii and could see his stock take off with a great week of practice.

Justin DeCoud (Riverside King, 5-10e, 175e, 4.7e) -- Comes from very nice pedigree as his cousin plays for the Atlanta Falcons. I thought he was super interesting after his junior tape and his senior tape is pretty darn good. Many coaches are just waiting for his highlight tape to get finished. For someone like him, he needs to have a great highlight tape for him to get offered. Another that I am surprised was not selected for the all-star game.

Multi Purpose Athlete

Jordan Canada (South Hills, 5-9e 195e, 4.8e) -- Didn’t play his senior year due to the CIF Transfer rules. But, his scrimmage tape was excellent against Corona Centennial and his junior tape was very impressive. Has an offer from New Mexico State and has a trip set up in January for Fresno State and has Portland State very interested in him too. A shame not to see him play his senior year.

Geoffrey Vaughns (South Hills, 5-10, 166, 4.58HT) -- He was selected the league MVP and was a consensus first-team All-CIF pick. Credit South Hills for using him all over the place. He can play RB, WR, CB and S. Academics can stop him from being offered, but if he drops to the JC level, he is a top-priority elite JC prospect. He’s that good.