Sunday, January 24, 2010

WAC Recruiting for Class of 2010 in IE....

And finally - here is how the WAC is shaping up in the IE....

You can bet that there is some information not being reported. We will stay on it as much as possible.

As you would expect, Fresno State has to be considered the team that has done well in the area. The kids that they wanted they either got...or lost to the Pac-10. Losing the recruiting battle for Scott of Colony had to hurt - but they finished very strongly.

Nevada Reno also did pretty well - winning some battles - and losing some too! But, in this conference, you have to take your shots.

New Mexico State was choosy with their offers and came up a bit short. Yeah getting Darian Johnson was huge, but I thought they could have competed a lot better for some other players.

San Jose State was another school that finished very well with their kids that they offered late. If they get either Fafita or Dash, I think you can consider 2010 a success.

Hawaii came up strong. And for the first time that I can remember neither Idaho or Boise St. will sign a player in the area. Don't look for that to last long next year.

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